Beginners Salsa block course at OUSA   6-7pm- 15th July block, or 2nd Sept block

Improvers1 (Continuing) Salsa block course at OUSA 7-8pm- 15th July block, or 2nd Sept block

Beginners Rueda block course at OUSA   8-9pm - starts 15th July

Beginners Kizomba block course at OUSA 8-9pm- starts 2nd September


Private lessons

Improvers 2 Salsa. 7.00 pm.

Improvers Bachata. 7.45pm

Zouk fundamentals. 8.30pm- starts June 11

Kizomba fundamentals. 8.30pm- starts July 23


Private lessons

Intermediate classes

Cha cha block course 8pm- starts 13 June

Social dancing 9pm at Ombrellos


Email us to sign up for block courses.

To sign up for OUSA classes, or for more information, follow this link :